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ULID Issues with EDUTools

Core Issues Affecting EDUTools

The identified issues are caused primarily by the change to our ULID system, which resulted in the creation of new Moodle profiles for all users. Integrated accounts in Moodle are authenticated either through the old CLID, the associated email address, or the old Moodle profile. Since different tools use different authentication methods, we have been working closely with each service vendor to test and make any necessary changes to the integration configurations to ensure each tools works.


  • New users to Examity will be NOT be affected.

  • Faculty and students (previous users) who have used Examity prior to the change to ULIDs may see duplicate “Teacher” or “Student” role links when launching the Examity portal. Clicking either link will result in proper access. We are working to eliminate the duplicate links as they are reported. Please notify us using the alert form if you see duplicate links.


  • Student access to Panopto videos via Moodle will be unaffected.

  • Faculty who have created Panopto videos via their old Moodle profile (CLID) will now have a new Panopto account created when they install the Panopto block in a Fall 2016 Moodle course.

  • Panopto has merged access for these two accounts, allowing the new account (ULID) to manage videos created by the old account.
  • Launching Panopto through the Moodle integration with a Fall 2016 course should provide instructor access to any content created with either account. If you have any issues locating videos, please contact us at


  • New users of ProctorU will NOT be affected.
  • Faculty and students who used ProctorU prior to Fall 2016 will be prompted the first time they click the ProctorU link in Moodle to verify that they have a preexisting account. Click the “YES” button and verify that your account information is current.


  • New users of TurnItIn are NOT affected.
  • We identified an issue caused by linking the old and new Moodle profiles, preventing proper display of student document upload results. We believe this issue to be now solved.
  • If you or your students experience difficulty in uploading of viewing document results, please inform us by completing the online alert form.


  • New users of VoiceThread are NOT affected.
  • Faculty and students who used VoiceThread prior to Fall 2016 will have duplicate accounts. To merge accounts, follow these instructions:
    • Upon the first use of VoiceThread in a new course, faculty and students will be prompted to create a password and log into the VoiceThread site to verify and merge both accounts.
    • See the VoiceThread Account Verification Process webpage for detailed instructions for how to set the password.
    • After completing this process once, full access to content will be uninterrupted.

As a community of EDUTools users, you are our best resource for information and feedback on the actual performance of our services. Report any issues you may uncover with the use of these tools by completing the online alert form.