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The Office of Distance Learning provides this Moodle integrated lecture capture software to faculty teaching hybrid and online courses to record lectures and make them into videos for student playback. Panopto's online service also includes a simple editor for the recorded sessions and also has a powerful analytics component to see who is viewing which videos in your folder and viewing duration.

Panopto can be used on any Mac or Win desktop/laptop and a web browser (always use the latest updated browser at all times, Firefox is recommended).

There is also a free mobile app for Android and Apple iOS devices. Download the free mobile app from your Apple iOS App Store or the Android Marketplace. This application will allow you the instructor to be able to create session from anywhere in the world. Your classroom lecture can now take place anywhere you like, with the content determining the backdrop for your lectures. Currently only the iOS mobile app has the ability to record and upload sessions directly from the Panopto mobile app, as well as videos from other mobile apps. Android mobile users can upload video files recorded from other apps into the Panopto mobile app but not record directly from the Panopto app.


For more information about how to get started with Panopto, click the links below:

Office of Distance Learning information:

    Panopto - Add Panopto Block (Step 1, PDF)
    Panopto - Creating Content (Step 2, PDF)
    Panopto - Re_Synching (PDF)
    Panopto - Creating Secondary Folders to Hide Videos (PDF)
    Panopto - Mobile - Apple iOS (PDF)
    Panopto - Mobile - Android OS (PDF)
    Moving Existing Videos to Your New Panopto Integrated Account

Panopto website: