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Equipment library

The Office of Distance Learning has video equipment available for faculty to check out when needed for developing online course materials. Faculty must submit the equipment checkout form to confirm equipment availability. 

Mevo Start 3-Pack

Mevo three-packStream or record from multiple angles in 1080p HD resolution while controlling everything from your smartphone or tablet. Each camera can also be used individually.

Use for:

  • Live-streaming video to Youtube and social media.
  • Individually recording live-action from multiple angles.

For more information, visit the Mevo Start website!


Apexcam 4K 60FPS Action Camera

ApexcamTake your students on an off-road adventure with the Apexcam action camera. This camera includes a waterproof casing, as well as an extendable selfie-stick and a wide variety of mounts to attach the camera to everything from a tripod, to a bike’s handlebars, to even your forehead!

Use for:

  • Selfie videos.
  • On-location videos.
  • Off-road locations.


Ricoh Theta SC2 360 Camera

Ricoh Theta Create 360 videos or images with the Ricoh Theta SC2.  This lightweight camera includes a selfie stick and is rechargeable using a USB port.  Capable of recording 4K video and is equipped with a shake correction function with up to 3 minutes of recording.  Also includes face detection and has night view capabilities.

Use for:

  • 360 video and images.
  • Any location you want a 360 view.