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Congratulations to Our Course Design Practicum Completers

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The Office of Distance Learning is proud to recognize eleven faculty who participated in the Course Design Practicum (CDP) workshop this summer. Course Design Practicum is a 10-week design-build experience during which faculty design an online or hybrid course based on the Quality Matters standards. When placed in the role of students, faculty gather valuable experience about the online environment. CDP participants examine the development process for creating an electronic course using QM standards, create an electronic course model that can be updated continuously and imported into future sections of courses with enrolled students, review a course, compose helpful recommendations, and provide meaningful feedback. To earn a certificate of completion, participants must participate in the peer-review, the final capstone experience of CDP.

Congratulations to the Summer 2015 CDP Completers:

  • Marietta Adams

  • Shannon Aucoin

  • Antonio Baena

  • Micah Bruce-Davis

  • Monica Busby

  • Jeanne Cartier

  • Phyllis Griffard

  • McKinzie Hall

  • Marissa Lajaunie

  • Jessica Pearce

  • Ryan Teten