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Professional Development Playlist

Here you will find a listing of professional development videos developed by the Instructional Support Team in our office. Videos are grouped by topic, with some videos being presented as a multi-part series. You will see a summary of each video and/or series, as well as the links to streaming video and additional resources.


Advanced Online Assessment Strategies (Moodle / Turnitin)

Have you ever wanted to design student assessments that go beyond the more commonly used types? Join us as we further explore ways Moodle components (advanced quiz question types, Turnitin, Workshops, Games) can expand assessment strategies in your course.

Video 1: Plagiarism Prevention in Assignments (Turnitin)
Video 2: Peer Review and Assessment (Moodle Workshop)
Video 3: Advanced Quiz Question Types (Moodle Quiz)

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Basic Online Assessment Strategies (Moodle)

Assessing student learning is a key component of course design in all disciplines. Join us as we explore ways Moodle assessments (forums, assignments, quizzes) can be used in your course.

Video 1: Introduction and Forums
Video 2: Assignment Activity
Video 3: Basic Quiz Question Types (Moodle Quiz)

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Best Practices for Learner-Centered Course Design

Learner-centered course design is an approach to education where students are active participants rather than passive receptacles in the learning process. Join us as we share the best practices for creating learner-centered online courses.

Video 1: Overview of Learner-Centered Design
Video 2: Learner Analysis
Video 3: Optimizing Learner Engagement

Engaging Students with Interactive Video (Panopto)

Video is not just a visual method of presenting content. In fact, video can be used in different ways to engage and challenge students. Join us as we explore different ways to engage students with video and highlight the interactive features of Panopto.

Video 1: Importance of Engagement
Video 2: Interactive Videos with Panopto
Video 3: Live Demonstration of Panopto

Facilitating Engaging Discussions (Moodle)

Effective and engaging online discussion forums require thoughtful planning, clear expectations, and nurturing guidance. Come learn about best practices for creating and facilitating forum discussions with Moodle features and options.

Video 1: Discussion Management
Video 2: Why Use Moodle Discussions?
Video 3: Moodle Forum Options and Settings

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Facilitating Engaging Discussions (VoiceThread)

Join us to learn strategies and approaches to using VoiceThread features effectively in your online and hybrid courses. These practices can humanize student interaction by providing students with the opportunity to engage in conversation rich with audio, video, and graphics.

Video 1: Why Use VoiceThread for Discussion Forums?
Video 2: VoiceThread Discussion Guidelines
Video 3: VoiceThread Settings for Discussion Forums

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Let’s Talk Video: Choosing the Right EduTool for the Job

Adding videos to your course can enhance learner engagement. But which program should you use? This presentation will look at EduTools (Zoom, VoiceThread, Panopto) to help you decide which is right for your next video project.

Video 1: Purpose and Planning
Video 2: DL-Supported EduTool Comparison
Video 3: Video Project Scenarios

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Web-conferencing as an Instructional Tool (Zoom)

Hosting virtual synchronous class meetings can be a great way to engage your students and “humanize” your course. Join us to learn how web-conferencing can enhance your students’ experiences in your online and hybrid courses.

Video 1: Web-Conferencing as an Instructional Tool
Video 2: Web-Conferencing Use Case Examples
Video 3: Web-Conferencing Best Practices

Note: Zoom is not sufficient for online proctoring. Review available services on our EduTool information page.

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