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Accepting Your Digital Credentials

When the Office of Distance Learning sends you a digital credential, you will be notified by an email. To accept your digital credential:

  1. Click "Save and Share" in the email
  2. Create a Credly account (if you do not already have one)
  3. Validate your account
  4. Accept your digital credential(s)

Create a Credly Account

When you click on the "Save and Share" button for your first Digital Badge, your browser will open the Credly homepage. If you are already a Credly member, click the "Sign-in" link on the top of the page. If you are not yet a member, click the "Create Account" link at the top of the page. This will open a form page to create an account with Credly.

Enter your email and password to create a Credly account with your CLID. NOTE: It is important that you use the same email address for creating your Credly account that was used in the notification email, your CLID email address (not any alias or personal account.)

You may also log into Credly initially with your FaceBook or LinkedIn credentials. This will automatically set your CLID email as a secondary address, but your primary account email will be that which is associated with Facebook or LinkedIn. You may change this later if you choose by using the options on the Member Account Settings page.

Validate your Credly Account

Once you have created your account with Credly, you will be sent a confirmation email to verify the email address that your set for your account. If you created the account with your CLID email address, that is where the validation email will be sent. When the validation email arrives, click the verification link contained in the email to finalize your account.

If you chose to create the account through Facebook or Linkedin, you will be sent two separate validation emails, one to whichever email address you have associated with that social media service and another to your CLID email address. You must click the validation link in both emails before your account will be finalized and your digital credential will be appear in your Credly inbox.

Accept your Digital Credential(s)

Clicking the verification email link will open a page Credly website showing an image of your digital credential and a "Save and Accept" button. Clicking the "Save and Accept" button will open a pop-up window with an option to make UL Lafayette Distance Learning a trusted issuer. If you select the "Trust Issuer" option, any future credentials from our office will appear on your profile page without having to be manually "accepted."

image of the save and trust button

Click the "Accept" button and you will then see your credential displayed under the "Earned" tab on your Credly member page.

image of Credly inbox

As you are sent additional digital credentials, they will appear in your inbox. Click the "Accept" button on the image of each credential that you wish to keep and display. Digital Credentials will not appear on your profile page or public display until you accept them, unless they are from a "trusted" issuer.

For more information about using your new Credly account, see the Credly support webpage at

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For information on Digital Credentials, their display and management, or to inquire how you can earn them, please contact the Office of Distance Learning at