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This is a video conferencing application with many advanced capabilities. Skype has a desktop application available for download. Mobile apps are also available (Android and Apple iOS devices (including Apple watch), see below, some system restrictions apply).

Skype is a Free tool that allows texting, voice and/or video calls with a computer or mobile device of choice. With an internet connection, one can communicate from anywhere in the world. Also send and receive files and share your screen when you choose to do so. Communicate directly with one person or conference with up to a total of nine other people simultaneously. Wether Instructor to student or student to student, Skype enables one to share and show in their day to day communications and/or school workflows to accomplish tasks and assignments.

Instructors can hold virtual office hours for instructors so that students may communicate about questions or issues. Students in an online or hybrid class can be put into groups for projects and hold virtual online meetings to exchange information and files.

*Skype is not supported directly by the Office of Distance Learning.

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