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Instructional Materials

Quality Matters encourages instructors to use a variety of materials and elements in their course delivery such as articles, videos, VoiceThreads, case studies, or forums (Standard 4.5). 

If you’re looking for a new way to execute a project or present information, reach out to our Instructional Design Team who can help evaluate possible options including:

  • EduTools
    We support several software tools that integrate with Moodle to provide a more interactive course experience for students and instructors. These tools are licensed free-of-charge to faculty when they request access through our office.
  • Multimedia
    Adding audio and video to your course doesn’t have to be costly or overly technical.
  • Moodle Features
    Our Learning Management System offers many features that allow instructors to group students, track their progress, increase interaction, and more. Join our Moodle User Group or reach out to the Instructional Design Team to learn more.
  • Microlectures
    These audio or video lectures are no longer than 15 minutes. They allow students to focus on the topics they need most and allow instructors to edit and update without having to re-record an entire lecture.