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Automated Proctoring Services

Premium Automated Proctoring with Examity

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Automated online proctoring uses technology to authenticate students and monitor their behavior while they take their exams. UL Lafayette has contracted with Examity to provide an automated proctoring service for University faculty and students. Examity’s premium automated proctoring service offers:

  • An artificial intelligence (AI) system that monitors a student’s webcam, microphone, and computer activity, including browser activity, during an exam.
  • Review by a human auditor at Examity after the AI system flags suspicious behavior.
  • A video recording of the session when cheating behavior is suspected for the instructor to review.

Examity is integrated with Moodle and supports both exams created in Moodle as well as other third-party testing platforms (e.g., publisher services) that are linked to a Moodle course. 

To get started using Examity, faculty should (1) request departmental approval to use Examity in specified courses by completing this form and then (2) send the form to with a message requesting Examity service and listing the courses and section numbers for which proctoring will be used. Faculty will receive a follow-up email to set up the service in their Moodle courses as well as resources to prepare their students for online proctoring.