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Distance Learning Week Brings Variety of Opportunities

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QM Rubric Update Open; Faculty Must Complete by November

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National Distance Learning Week will be packed with professional development opportunities for faculty members who teach online and hybrid courses.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will hold four exclusive events in addition to daily sessions offered by the U.S. Distance Learning Association to give online educators an opportunity to explore best practices within the distance learning community. 

Monday we will offer faculty members an opportunity to register for the Quality Matters refresher, “QM Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition Update,” with our Instructional Support Team at Whittington House. We will also collectively participate in the webinar "Technology vs Innovation: Strategies to Build Online Course."

On Tuesday, Academic Partnerships will hold a webinar exclusively for UL Lafayette on creating engaging forum discussion questions. Faculty members are encouraged to join us at Whittington House but are able to participate remotely, as well.

We will close the week with a two-part series on Humanizing Your Course. From 2-3 p.m. Wednesday, we'll hold a webinar examining how to increase engagement and presence in an online course. Then we'll hold a face-to-face workshop from 2-3 p.m. Thursday to assist in actually adding humanizing elements to online courses.

We’re excited to participate in the nationwide collaborative effort to promote and support distance learning in higher education

Full schedule and session details:

Monday, Nov. 5

Making Online Course Content Accessible (USDLA)
Robert Zotti, Assistant Dean – WebCampus, Stevens Institute of Technology

10-11 a.m. Nov. 5
This presentation will review how accessibility was made a primary priority during a course redesign effort. It will focus on the various actions needed in order to institutionalize presentation templates, train faculty, and modify content. Attendees will learn the tips and tricks that were used to upgrade a 15-week Project Management fundamentals course.
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Technology vs Innovation: Strategies to Build Online Course (Quality Matters)
Jill Jordan, Mary Chaaban and Julie Allen, ASU

12-1 p.m. Nov. 5
As the educational landscape shifts and evolves, it is essential that we change to meet the diverse needs of learners. Most learners today are fast-paced, visually-stimulated, and seeking experiences relevant to their lives. This presentation will offer strategies to make your courses more engaging through multiple modalities. We'll present a multi-developer perspective to show how designers, instructors, and media technologists can contribute to course enhancements.
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To be held in conjunction with:
Cookies, coffee, and QM (Distance Learning)
Join the Instructional Support Team at Whittington for coffee, cookies, and assistance with registration for the QM refresher.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 

Designing Discussions (Academic Partnerships - exclusive)
9-10 a.m. Nov. 6 
Participate virtually or join us in person for this free webinar from Academic Partnerships about creating engaging forum discussion questions.
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How to Engage Online Students through Discussion Boards (USDLA)
Jose L. Fulgencio, Oklahoma State University

10-11 a.m. Nov. 6
Getting students engaged in the classroom is tough enough, but to get an online class involved in a discussion can be difficult if not done correctly. Learn how you can engage students in your online classroom with discussion board questions mixed with online videos.
Audience members will leave with ideas necessary to create an engaging online discussion forum that can help with online student retention, feeling of acceptance in the classroom, and getting students to complete discussion boards.
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Wednesday, Nov. 7

Humanizing your online course (Distance Learning)
2-3 p.m. Nov. 7
Online via Zoom
Learn ways to increase engagement and presence in your online course.
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Thursday, Nov. 8

From Self-Determination Theory to Self-Directed Learning Practice (USDLA)
Valary Oleinik
10-11 a.m. Nov. 8
In this interactive session you will get to explore how to leverage aspects of the self-determination theory of intrinsic motivation (autonomy, mastery, and relatedness) to design courses that are more learner-centric, help  develop your learners' confidence and curiosity, and set them on the track to being more self-directed in their future learning endeavors.
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Humanizing your online course (face-to-face - Distance Learning)
2-3 p.m. Nov. 8
Dupre Library Bib Lab (1st floor)
Join us for a "Hands-on" session to add humanizing elements to your online course.
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Friday, Nov. 9

Quality Online Course Development using Quality Matters (USDLA)
Dr. Loretta Cochran and Dr. Johnette Moody, Arkansas Tech University
10-11 a.m. Nov. 9 
Striving to improve online course development has led to Arkansas Tech University adopting Quality Matters, a program developed by faculty, based on best practices. Learn how utilizing the QM Rubric creates an exceptional course that truly supports assessment.
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Leading the Pack with Feedback and Performance Standards (USDLA)
Dr. Peg Hohensee, Purdue Global

1-2 p.m. Nov. 9
By instituting an intensive feedback program which highlighted strengths and noted opportunities, online instructors were provided clear guidance in meeting and exceeding university performance expectations. In this session, the presenter will discuss the results of a longitudinal student of the impact of the feedback program on instructor performance, student satisfaction, and student performance.
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