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Guiding Policies



The Office of Distance Learning at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette coordinates, organizes and facilitates electronic course and program delivery in concert with academic colleges, departments, and other institutional stakeholders. The Office supports the delivery of high quality student learning experiences through comprehensive faculty training, by expanding the times and places of instructional offerings, and by integrating technological innovation.
In addition, the Office facilitates partnerships with other educational institutions, business and industry, and community and public agencies, in order to provide electronic learning opportunities.
Institutional development, delivery, and evaluation of electronically delivered courses and programs occur in the context of the policies and procedures of all existing academic programs. It is not the intent of the Distance and Electronic Learning Policies and Procedures to supplant any existing policies set forth by the University. Integrated policies for distance and electronic learning are preferred (King, et al., 1998).
Where necessary, this document defines new or expands existing policies and procedures to ensure the most effective implementation and support of electronic courses and programs.

Institutional Context and Commitment

Governance of Electronic Course Delivery

Curriculum and Instruction

Faculty Support

Student Authentication in Distance and Electronic Courses