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Throughout each semester, the Instructional Support Team delivers interactive webinars and workshops on up-to-date best practices, standards, and tools for teaching online. These professional development opportunities are most relevant to faculty who have already completed our courses and are certified to teach online and hybrid courses. Registration opens on SignUpGenius at the beginning of the semester and remains open until the day of the webinar. 

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Webinar recordings

If you missed a session this semester, recordings and descriptions are available below.

File Storage Solutions for Moodle Courses | Presented April 22, 2021
Learn why it is important to determine the best storage solutions for large files in your Moodle courses.

Exploring H5P in Moodle 3.9 | Presented April 21, 2021
H5P allows faculty to create interactive content such as videos, quizzes, and presentations. Discover how H5P content can be created within the Moodle interface and added to your course as an H5P activity or embedded into any activity or resource.

Humanizing Your Course | Presented April 15, 2021
Learn ways to increase student engagement and instructor presence in your online course.

Moodle Gradebook Q & A | Presented April 14, 2021
Ask questions about the Moodle GradeBook.

Level-up Your Course with Game-based Learning | Presented April 8, 2021
An interactive workshop that will provide you with an introduction to some of the basic principles of game-based learning and explore how you can apply them in your online and hybrid courses.

Creating Interactive Assignments using VoiceThread | Presented April 1, 2021
Learn how to use the assignment builder feature to create three different assignment types in VoiceThread. We will review new features and options on the new VoiceThread assignment app.

Designing Accessible Courses for Cognitive and Learning Challenges | Presented Mar. 31, 2021
The majority of student accommodations are for cognitive, emotional, and learning disorder classifications. We demonstrate online course design strategies that aim to address those issues and improve the learning experience.

Best Practices for Learner-Centered Course Design | Presented Mar. 25, 2021
We share the best practices for creating learner-centered online courses; an approach to education where students are active participants rather than passive receptacles in the learning process.

Video Lectures using Panopto | Presented Mar. 24, 2021
Use Panopto to create lectures for online courses or to supplement a face-to-face course.

Basic Quiz Building | Presented Mar. 11, 2021
We focus on the fundamentals of quiz creation with a step-by-step live demonstration. This presentation is intended for participants with moderate to no experience with the Quiz Activity in Moodle.

Strategies to Provide Effective Feedback to Students | Presented Mar. 10, 2021
We introduce strategies and best practices for developing and delivering effective feedback.

Designing Accessible Content | Presented Mar. 4, 2021
Make your course documents, presentations, and videos accessible.

Best Practices for Forum Discussions (Moodle) | Presented Mar. 3, 2021
Effective and engaging online discussion forums require thoughtful planning, clear expectations, and nurturing guidance. Learn about best practices for creating and facilitating forum discussions with Moodle features and options.

Alternatives to Online Proctoring | Presented Feb. 25, 2021
Discuss and ask questions about alternatives to online proctoring.

Best Practices for Recording Videos | Presented Feb. 24, 2021
Relying on video recordings and web-conferencing to add a human presence in your online course? Why not make the best impression! Learn about tips for better results in your camera and audio productions.

Getting Started with Online Proctoring | Presented Feb. 10, 2021
Wondering if online proctoring is right for you and your students? This webinar explains what online proctoring is and what it entails, and offers an overview of the two proctoring services supported by Distance Learning: ProctorU and Examity.

Zoom Collaboration Tools | Presented Feb. 4, 2021
Zoom offers several features for online student collaboration, including the whiteboard, polling, breakout rooms, and screen sharing. This interactive webinar will discuss and demonstrate using these tools.

Basic Quiz Building | Presented Feb. 3, 2021
We focus on the fundamentals of quiz creation with a step-by-step live demonstration. This presentation is intended for participants with moderate to no experience with the Quiz Activity in Moodle.

Video Lectures Using VoiceThread | Presented Jan. 28, 2021
Instructors can record lectures, share PowerPoints and foster asynchronous discussions online through VoiceThread. Learn more about this Moodle-integrated EduTool through this webinar.

Basic Assignment Building | Presented Jan. 27, 2021
Use the Assignment activity in Moodle to collect and grade student work. This session is intended for users with beginner to moderate-level Moodle experience.

Video Lectures with Panopto | Presented Jan. 21, 2021
Panopto enables instructors to create video and audio podcasts of lecture materials such as PowerPoints. Learn more about how to use this tool in your course through this webinar.

Gradebook Strategies and Options (Moodle) | Presented Jan. 20, 2021
Use basic gradebook strategies and navigate the options and settings of the Moodle gradebook.

Preparing for the New Semester | Presented Jan. 11, 2021
We share tips and best practices on preparing your online courses for the new semester.

How to Communicate with Zoom | Presented Jan. 7, 2021
Learn how to use Zoom,  our Web-conferencing EduTool.

Designing a Hybrid Course | Presented Jan. 6, 2021
Designing and teaching hybrid courses provides a unique set of opportunities for both instructors and students. During this webinar, we explore best practices for hybrid course design.