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Throughout each semester, the Instructional Support Team delivers interactive webinars and workshops on up-to-date best practices, standards, and tools for teaching online. These professional development opportunities are most relevant to faculty who have already completed our courses and are certified to teach online and hybrid courses. Registration opens on SignUpGenius at the beginning of the semester and remains open until the day of the webinar. 

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Webinar recordings

If you missed a session this semester, recordings and descriptions are available below.


Chat GPT & Generative AI

Understanding ChatGPT and Generative AI | Presented March 28, 2023 
Everyone is talking about AI tools such as ChatGPT. Although the implications of this technology are potentially profound, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what it is and how it works. Join this webinar to learn more about ChatGPT and generative AI in general.
Dr. Arun Lakhotia, Computer Science
Dr. Vijay Raghavan, Computer Science
Dr. Anthony Maida, Computer Science
Blake Lemoine, UL Alumnus and former Google engineer.
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10-Minute Tech Talks

Moodle Teaching and Learning Community 10-minute Tech Talk

Preparing Your Course for the New Semester | Presented January 10, 2023
Presenter: Diana Wu
Join us for a quick conversation on how to make sure your course is ready to launch for the Spring 2023 semester.

Zeros in the Gradebook | Presented January 23, 2023
Presenter: Andrea Leonard
Join us as we share why including zeros in the gradebook helps Moodle show students their most accurate overall course grades.

Create a Customized Virtual Background with Canva | Presented February 6, 2023
Presenter: Renee Fiser
Join us to learn how to personalize your Teams background using the program Canva.

Use Moodle to Schedule Advising Appointments | Presented February 27, 2023
Presenter: Mike Williams
Prepping for advising week? Join us as we show how Moodle can help you make appointments with your advisees.

Using Zoom for Advising | Presented March 13, 2023
Presenter: Renee Fiser
If you can't meet with your advisees in person, join us as we discuss using Zoom to hold virtual advising appointments.

Importing Moodle Quiz Questions | Presented March 27, 2023
Presenter: Mike Williams
Join us as we review the process of importing pre-written quiz questions into your Moodle course.

Innovative Teaching & Learning Week 2023

Innovative leaching and learning Week Feb 14-16 2023

Competency-Based Education: What Is It and Why Is It Good for Students? | Presented February 14, 2023
Competency-based education is a common buzzword in higher education today. In this presentation, we'll explain what it is, how it differes from traditional education, and why it can help us teach the students we have and reach the students we don't have yet.
James Kimball, Master Instructor and Assistant Department Head, Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences
Frank Crocco, Assistant Director, Instructional Support, Office of Distance Learning

Microlearning-Learn More in Less Time | Presented February 14, 2023
Learners digest and remember information better in a tightly-focused piece. Microlearning is the solution. Join us to learn different types of microlearning and discuss the best practices and tips to create effective microlearning.
Megan Breaux, Visiting Instructor, College of Education & Human Development
Diana Wu, Instructional Designer, Office of Distance Learning

Students in Crisis: Practical Steps for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators | Presented February 15, 2023
Join our discussion on the different types of post-COVID crises within the student population, what to say and do when interacting with students, and some strategies and resources available for support.
Dr. Roxanne Bourque, Assistant Professor, College of Education & Human Development, Dept. of Education, Curriculum, & Instruction.
Dr. Latasha Holt, Assistant Professor, College of Education & Human Development, Dept. of Education, Curriculum, & Instruction.
Ashley Reed, Counselor, Counseling and Testing Center
Lorraine Hebert-Palmer, Counselor, Counseling and Testing Center
Dr. Gregory G. Zerangue, Senior Associate Dean of Students
Andrea Leonard, Instructional Designer, Office of Distance Learning

Informed by Pedagogy: Designing Effective Online Learning Experiences | Presented February 15, 2023
Three faculty will share their experiences transitioning a course online during the pandemic, and the key lessons learned on the pedagogy of high-quality teaching regardless of modality.
Dr. Aimee Barber, Asst. Professor, College of Education & Human Development, Dept. of Education, Curriculum, & Instruction
Dr. Doug Williams, Professor, College of Education & Human Development, Dept. of Education, Curriculum, & Instruction
Dr. Marietta Adams, Asst. Professor, College of Education & Human Development, Dept. of Education, Curriculum, & Instruction
Dr. Alise Hagan, Instructional Designer, Office of Distance Learning

Why use a 360 Virtual Tour? | Presented February 16, 2023
Learn how a Virtual 360 Tour can incorporate interactive elements to help your students understand an actual environment. This tour uses a 360 camera with videos.
Penny Powell, Master Instructor, Biology, College of Sciences
Renee Fiser, Instructional Technologist, Office of Distance Learning

Putting Video Best Practices into Action | Presented February 16, 2023
Hear fellow faculty experiences in creating instructional videos, and learn basic tips to improve your own videos. Topics will include basic video editing, inserting closed captions, and breaking long videos up into smaller chunks.
Mike Williams, Instructional Technologist, Office of Distance Learning

Course KickStart 2023

Explore Trending Tech | Presented January 17, 2023
Presenter: Renee Fiser
Wondering what technology tools are available to help make your class more dynamic, engaging, etc.? Join us as we show off the newest trending tech that we think is worth checking out!

Power Up Your Courses with EduTools | Presented January 18, 2023
Presenter: Mike Williams
Take your course to the next level with our supported EduTools, featuring web conferencing, video, proctoring, interaction, and much more. Join us to learn how you can improve your course with our featured technology.

Moodle Gradebook Setup | Presented January 19, 2023
Presenter: Andrea Leonard
Boost student success with a Moodle gradebook that can show them their current average anytime. Join us to learn basic gradebook strategies and discuss some options you might not have seen before.



Distance Learning Week Fall 2022

Let's Kahoot | Presented October 3, 2022
Presenters: Marissa Lajaunie and Renee Fister
Kahoot! Is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes.  Learn how this freemium technology can enhance understanding in your classroom.

MS OneNote Inside and Outside the Classroom | Presented October 3, 2022
Presenters: Penny Powell and Mike Williams
MS OneNote is a great planning tool that you can use to plan out personal projects, manage work responsibilities, and interact with your students. Learn how to keep track of just about everything in OneNote!

Streamline Your Grading with Rubrics | Presented October 3, 2022
Presenters: Justin Fontenot and Andrea Leonard
Using rubrics to grade student assignments makes the grading process more efficient and can reduce student confusion. Join us as we share strategies to effectively use the built-in rubrics systems to grade both Moodle and Turnitin assignments.

Best Practices for Recording Videos | Presented October 4, 2022
Presenters: Adam Feld and Mike Williams
Relying on video recordings and web-conferencing to add a human presence in your online course? Learn about tips for better results in your camera and audio productions.

Engaging Students and Increasing Student Success with Pear Deck | Presented October 4, 2022
Presenter: Amanda Mayeaux
Participants will learn how to create an interactive slide deck with Pear Deck to increase engagement and ultimately improve student success. Participants are encouraged to bring some lesson ideas to practice creating slides.

Enhance Collaboration with Zoom Whiteboard | Presented October 4, 2022
Presenters: Renee Fiser and Alise Hagan
Learn how to use Zoom Whiteboard to brainstorm and collaborate on a persistent, expandable digital canvas.  Create an engaging space where everyone can share ideas, work together to solve problems, and get a visual breakdown of concepts and lessons either in or out of Zoom.

Addressing Equity and Accessibility in Proctoring | Presented October 5, 2022
Presenters: Kiwana McClung and Andrea Leonard
Exam proctoring enables instructors to ensure the validity of test results. Join us as we share some issues of equity and accessibility for our student population concerning online proctoring as well as possible solutions.

Make your course more affordable with OER | Presented October 5, 2022
Presenters: Manyu Li and Diana Wu
Open educational resources (OER) are openly licensed, freely available educational materials that can be modified and redistributed by users. Join us as we share pratical guidance in locating, adapting, and sharing openly available resources.

Creating Successful Collaborative Assignments | Presented October 5, 2022
Presenters: Nancy Autin and Andrea Leonard
The ability to work as a team is a key skill to learn, but it can be tricky to teach. Join us as we discuss how to craft effective group activities that are rewarding for both students and instructors.

Bootcamp Series

Preparing for the New Semester | Presented August 17, 2022
We share tips and best practices on preparing your online courses for the new semester.

Gradebook Setup | Presented August, 17, 2022
Use basic gradebook strategies and navigate the options and settings of the Moodle gradebook.

Getting Started with H5P | Presented August 18, 2022
In this presentation, you will learn everything you need to add more engaging and interactive content to your Moodle course.

Getting Started with Online Proctoring | Presented August 18, 2022
Join us for an explanation of what online proctoring actually is and what it entails, as well as an overview of the two proctoring services supported by DL: ProctorU and Examity.

Explore Trending Tech | Presented August 19, 2022
Join us as we show off the newest trending tech that we think is worth checking out!



H5P Summer Series

Week 1 - H5P Basics Workshop | Presented June 16, 2022

Week 2 - H5P Course Presentation Workshop | Presented June 23, 2022

Week 3 - H5P Quiz Workshop | Presented June 30, 2022

Week 4 - H5P Interactive Video Workshop | Presented July 7, 2022

Week 5 - H5P Image Hotspots Workshop | Presented July 14, 2022