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Recommended Information for Inclusion on Electronic Course Syllabus

In addition to the course related information, at a minimum, a syllabus should include the following:

  1. Course Objectives/Student Learning Outcomes (must be same as traditional course)
  2. Instructor Contact Information:
    1. Office Hours and Phone Number
    2. Email Address
    3. Fax Number
    4. Instructor Response Time for Emails and Checking Assignments
  3. Book Information, including the title, author(s), edition number, publication date, ISBN, and an electronic address if the text is online
  4. Information Regarding Any Required Proctored Testing or other Student Authentication Measure
  5. Special Software Requirements
  6. Etiquette Expectations (Netiquette)
  7. Minimum Technology Skills Expected of the Student
  8. ADA Policy
  9. Grading Information
  10. Student Participation/Interaction Requirements
  11. UL Lafayette’s policy on cheating and plagiarism (available in the Student Code of Conduct at

Incentive Levels

  1. Design of a new hybrid or online course offering:
    1. $3333/4 credit course
    2. $2500/3 credit course
    3. $1667/2 credit course
  2. Significant improvements to an existing hybrid or online course offering:
    1. $500 regardless of number of credit hours awarded or course rank (undergraduate/graduate)