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DL Leadership Council

The charge of the Distance Learning Leadership Council (DLLC) is to advise and provide counsel to the Director of the Office of Distance Learning throughout the development and implementation of an action agenda for expanding the institution's distance learning capacity and production.

Council Governance

  • Chaired by Office of Distance Learning Director
  • Council forms task forces to include a broader range of faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
  • Task forces recommend action items to the entire DLLC.
  • DLLC recommends action items to the Provost / VP of Academic Affairs and his staff.
  • Provost / his staff recommend actions to University Council for approval.

Council Membership

  • Ex-Officio: Claire Arabie, Director of Distance Learning
  • College of Arts: Michael McClure
  • College of Business: Catherine Chauvin
  • College of Education: Lisa LeBlanc
  • College of Engineering: Sharon LaHood
  • College of General Studies: Bobbie Decuir
  • College of Liberal Arts: Jordan Kellman
  • College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions: Jennifer Lemoine
  • College of Sciences: Ross Chiquet
  • Faculty at Large: David Khey
  • Faculty at Large: Michael Totaro
  • Graduate School: Mary Farmer-Kaiser
  • Enrollment Services: Cindy Perez
  • Dupre Library: Susan Richard
  • Computing Support Services: Matt Delcambre