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Moodle 3.9 provides several much-needed functional improvements, however, moving from Moodle 3.1 to the upgraded version means navigating and acclimating to those changes. 

Below is information on potential issues with layouts, EduTools, and feature availability that we've identified ahead of the Moodle 3.9 migration.

We will update this information as resolutions are identified. 

Layout issues

The Moodle 3.9 site has a cleaner, simpler collapsed layout format. Faculty may need to still  “clean up” some content when accessing courses for the first time on the new site.

Note: All course blocks are now located on the left side of the course page.

  • Compare course blocks against your course in Moodle 3.1
    • Add any blocks that are missing
    • Delete any blocks that are duplicated
    • The menu block is no longer needed for quick navigation and can be deleted
    • The Learner Support information is now located across the top of the course. You can delete the Learner Support block if it shows in your left column.
  • Headers are no longer needed as they are built into the layout; delete duplicates
  • Delete any duplicate announcements forums
  • Content that is imported may need to be moved to a different module
  • Ensure that all modules are visible; you may have to add more modules or topics to accommodate course content

Reconfiguring EduTools


green and white panopyo logoIn order to access previous Panopto recordings, Faculty will need to contact our office at to have the Panopto accounts merged.



voicethread logoIf you do not see your previously created VoiceThreads when accessing through Moodle 3.9, you will need to create a VoiceThread group to share your VoiceThreads between your two different Moodle identities. The two articles below provide step-by-step instructions for sharing these VoiceThreads.


red and blue turnitin logoTurnitin assignments that were created in Moodle 3.1 will not be accessible from within Moodle 3.9. Faculty will need to recreate all Turnitin assignments in their Moodle 3.9 courses. Any old Turnitin assignments will be converted to Moodle labels during the migration process. Faculty will need to review their courses for these labels and delete them.

Custom External Tools

Faculty will not be able to create their own custom external tool configurations. If you would like to request a custom external tool be configured for your course, please submit an IT Support Desk Request.

Unavailable features

  • Quiz Question Types: “All or Nothing Matching” question types are not available in Moodle 3.9. Inclusion of these question types may cause errors when trying to restore Moodle 3.1 courses to Moodle 3.9. If this occurs, we recommend that you delete any question items using this format from any quizzes in the course and then also from the quiz question bank. This article provides information on managing items in your Question Bank: Using Categories in Question Bank.
  • Plugins: the “Mass Actions” and “Simple Clock” blocks are not available in Moodle 3.9.

Getting Help

Faculty and Staff

If you’re unable to log in, have trouble accessing or finding a Moodle course, or are still using 3.1 for a non-academic course, contact the IT Service Desk

For questions regarding Moodle features and EduTools, the Instructional Support Team offers several resources:

  • Self-Service Center: Search or browse for videos and step-by-step directions on some of the most asked questions by faculty about Moodle and our other integrated technology tools.
  • Support Request Form: Connect with us via email to ask questions or report issues.
  • Consultation Request Form: Members of our team are available for consultation meetings upon request. Please let us know some basic information about your needs and when you are available to meet by submitting the request form.