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Build New or Retool Existing Course with CDP

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Meet the Instructional Support Team

The six members that comprise the Instructional Support Team bring decades of teaching, course design and instructio

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Faculty at UL Lafayette are invited to create a new hybrid or online course design or retool an existing hybrid or online course this summer. The Office of Distance Learning is offering its marquee design/build online workshop for faculty - Course Design Practicum (CDP) starting May 13, 2016. Register here to participate.

The ten-week online workshop has received positive reviews from previous faculty participants. 90% of the completers from the Summer 2015 CDP cohort rated the course excellent; 100% of faculty gave an “excellent” rating on the effectiveness of instructors. One participant commented on the end-of-course survey, I liked most “the way that the facilitators modeled effective online teaching; the detailed information provided about Moodle and other technology useful for online courses.” Most exciting is that 100% of CDP completers from the Summer 2015 cohort would recommend this course to other faculty who have never designed or have limited experience designing a hybrid/online course. If you are interested in CDP and want to learn more from faculty experiences in the course, you can contact us at to see the full survey results.

Are you interested in improving your course design or designing a new course or want to design an online course for the first time? If so, CDP is the answer. CDP 2016 will be guided by Claire Arabie, Carey Hamburg, and Angela Lee, three seasoned instructional designers. This ten-week experience culminates in a popular assignment in which faculty are paired together to conduct a peer mini-review of each other’s course design. CDP starts on May 13, 2016 and ends on July 25, 2016. Faculty can email for more information. Registration is open now (click here).