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Distance Learning Launches Digital Credentials

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette announced it will begin awarding digital credentials for professional development through the Office of Distance Learning.  

According to Luke Dowden, Director of Distance Learning, approximately one-third of UL Lafayette faculty members have completed internal ULearn certification to teach and design hybrid and online courses. These faculty will be the first to receive the new digital credentials.

“It is important that we recognize ongoing professional development in a contemporary way,” said Dowden.

Digital credentials, also known as digital badges, are graphic representations of an accomplishment, achievement, or certification. The first two credentials being offered recognize UL Lafayette faculty members’ accomplishments in pursuit of ULearn certification.


“The University is a professional development hub. Digital credentials show our community the full value of the knowledge we share, especially outside the classroom.” 

Dowden added he hopes other University offices will collaborate with the Office of Distance Learning on issuing badges for professional development.

“We deliver learning in many ways and will continue to explore methods to help other departments demonstrate their impact on workforce development.”

For detailed information on the criteria for earning ULearn digital credentials and instructions for how to display them, visit