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Distance Learning Issues New Course Design Practicum Digital Credential

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In celebration of the culmination of the 11th Course Design Practicum, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Office of Distance Learning has issued a new digital credential. The Course Design Practicum credential was created in recognition of those faculty who have successfully completed this experience. It will be issued not only to the 12 graduates of the current CDP, but to all 94 prior completers.

Course Design Practicum (CDP) is an online, 10-week design/build experience facilitated by the Office of Distance Learning. During CDP each participant designs or enhances an online or hybrid course based on the Quality Matters standards. When placed in the role of an online student, a faculty member gathers valuable experience about the online environment. As a result, each faculty member can better determine the tools and pedagogy that will best enable their students’ success. At the end of CDP, faculty participate in a peer-review of their course designs and a “sandbox showcase” event.

A recent completer of CDP, Dr. Donna Gauthier, Associate Professor in Nursing & Allied Health Professions commented, ”As a traditional classroom teacher for over 20 years, I have never received as much faculty development as I have since I began teaching online.”

Dr. Luke Dowden, Director of Distance Learning, expressed “Course Design Practicum is a core  component in our professional development of faculty as our staff prepare them to design high quality online and hybrid courses. We see this experience as a unique opportunity for our faculty to gain insight and experience that help them to engage and connect better with their students.”           

The Course Design Practicum digital credential is the fourth in a series of professional development digital credentials being issued following Certified Online Teacher, Certified Course Designer, and Course Reviewer.

For detailed information on the criteria for earning digital credentials and instructions for how to display them, visit