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Quality Matters Refresher Required for Online, Hybrid Faculty

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Distance Learning Week Brings Variety of Opportunities

National Distance Learning Week logoThe University of Louisiana at Lafayette will hold four exclusive events in addition to daily sessions offered by the U.S. Distance Learning Association to give online educators an opportunity to explore best practices within the distance learning community.

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Faster, more efficient support

A new dedicated support line will make it even easier to reach a member of the Instructional Support Team.

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Distance Learning Makes Investment in Accessibility

Instructional Designer Carey Hamburg works one-on-one with an instructor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.To help faculty meet accessibility standards, the Office of Distance Learning invested in the additional service from VoiceThread.

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The time has come for all faculty members certified to teach online and hybrid courses to refresh their credentials by registering for the QM Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition Update.

The course is free, self-paced and should only take three hours to complete. However, instructors can start and stop as many times as they wish between now and Nov. 30.

Instructors will learn:

  • How the Sixth Edition Rubric differs from the Fifth Edition.
  • Changes that have been made to the Course Worksheet and the Glossary.
  • Changes that have been made to the Course Review Management System.

To successfully complete the Rubric Update, faculty must also score 85% or greater on the Rubric Update Quiz.

Faculty must submit certificates of completion to the Office of Distance Learning by Dec. 4.

Failing to meet these deadlines will result in a certification lapse. To continue teaching online and hybrid courses, faculty will need to be recertified through a two-week workshop.

For information on how to register for the course, reach out to the Instructional Support Team at