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Hybrid Course Challenge Designers Announced

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The Office of Distance Learning is excited to announce those selected as part of the Hybrid Course Design Challenge.

ULearn Certified faculty submitted a number of excellent proposals for courses that could be redesigned for hybrid delivery. For this initiative, the Office of Distance Learning selected the following courses and faculty:

  • EDFL 106 - Introduction to Education, Bertha Myers.
  • ENGL 357 - Advanced Business Writing, Sheri Lazare.
  • IRED 320 - Tech in the Classroom, Dr. Douglas Williams & Aimee Barber.
  • HMGT 431 - International Tourism, Dr. Ignatius Cahyanto.
  • MGMT 365 - Human Resource Management, Catherine Chauvin.
  • MGMT 440 - Entrepreneurial Management, Dr. Ron Cheek.
  • MUS 104 - History of American Popular Music, Dr. Dale Bazan.
  • PSYC 360 - Cognitive Psychology, Dr. Brooke Breaux.
  • PSYC 370 - Behavior Modification, Lori Gibson.
  • PSYC 455 - Human Psychological Development, Dr. Valanne MacGyvers.

Hybrid courses provide an active, learner-centered approach that fosters collaboration and caters to an array of learning styles.

Faculty will receive a 2,500 course design stipend for designing their hybrid courses, which will be offered by Fall 2020.

For more on hybrid course design, visit the Hybrid Learning section of our website, or watch this video with piano professor Dr. Chan Kiat Lim: