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Tech Tool Expo Highlights Emerging Instructional Technology

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The Office of Distance Learning Instructional Support Team held its inaugural Tech Tool Expo Nov. 2, providing participants an opportunity to learn more about trending technology used to enhance courses, regardless of modality. 

During the event, discovery stations provided demonstrations on 10 different tools available to instructors, including cameras now available through the department’s Equipment Library.


Dr. Diana Wu demonstrates Loom and Flip software to Dr. Lauren Auverset during the Tech Tool Expo

Flip is a video discussion tool that allows asynchronous discussion across digital devices. Flip allows instructors to create a specific course discussion board to facilitate video discussions and allows students to interact using videos. Flip is a great way to allow students to build and strengthen social learning communities as they share their ideas using rich media expression.


Loom is a video recording and screen sharing solution that enables users to record their screen or a specific application in addition to live recording any video session. Using Loom, instructors can easily create instructional videos, distribute them publicly or privately, engage students in asynchronous video discussions, and provide formative feedback by enabling emoji reactions, time-based comments, and calls-to-action options. Students can use Loom to demonstrate their learning by creating screen recordings and interacting with peers and instructors by responding to videos.

Instructional designer Andrea Leonard, stamps a card for a Tech Tool Expo participant.Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based application that allows the instructor create and present a game that students can play in real time. This technology is useful in creating learning environments that are interactive and engaging, as well as turning class-time into a friendly competition.


Genially is a media creation and presentation platform that offers a large selection of dynamic templates to help instructors kick-start their creative process. With Genially, instructors can create learning experiences that embed seamlessly into Moodle to create a rich, active learning environment in their classes.

Frame VR

Can Virtual Reality be educational? Find out with Frame VR, where you can create immersive online meeting spaces your students can access from a desktop or mobile device. Add videos, web pages, images, polls, PDFs, and let your students create their own avatars. 

H5P Virtual Tour with 360 Camera

Let your students explore places virtually using H5P Virtual Tour with 360 Camera. It can be used for creating virtual tours through rooms where each part of the room is explained in detail using text, images, or video and may contain questions for the one exploring.


Mentimeter is an audience-engagement tool that enhances presentations and boosts audience participation through dynamic word clouds, polls, quizzes, or Q&A. There is no limit to the number of participants responses or to the number of presentations you can create. Participants use their smartphone to participate, and their responses are displayed and updated in real-time creating a more engaging and enriching presentation experience. 

MS Forms 

MS Forms — part of the Microsoft suite of products — allows you to collect feedback and analyze results. MS Forms can be customized to create feedback or evaluation surveys, registration or application forms, research studies, assessments, and more. Forms can be shared with a secure URL, and responses can be downloaded and analyzed in Excel. 

Renee Riser, Office of Distance Learning, demonstrates one of the tools available through the department's equipment libraryMevo Start Camera 3-Pack

The Mevo Start Camera 3-Pack incorporate three synced, wireless video cameras that can be fully controlled on the fly using a mobile app for phone or tablet. This package is perfect for live streaming an event or recording a video from three distinct camera angles with ease.

Apexcam Action Camera

The Apexcam Action Camera allows you to take your students on a visual journey to off-road locations anywhere in the world! This camera includes a waterproof casing, extendable selfie-stick, and wide variety of mounts to attach the camera to everything from a tripod, to a bike’s handlebars, to even your forehead!