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Certified Courses

2 online courses are Quality Matters Certified through the Quality Matters Subscriber-Managed course review process.
107 online and hybrid courses are ULearn Certified through the ULearn peer review process.

Course Number and Title Faculty ULearn
Quality Matters Certified
BIOL 110: Principles of Biology I Arlene Billock Spring 2013  
BIOL 216: Anatomy for Kinesiology Majors Sherry Krayesky-Self Spring 2013  
BIOL 217: Anatomy Lab for Kinesiology Majors Sherry Krayesky-Self Spring 2013  
BIOL 261: General Microbiology Penny Antley Spring 2012  
BSAT 303: Information Systems Brandi Guidry Hollier Summer 2017  
BSAT 382: Service Operations Zhiwei Zhu Fall 2012  
CHEM 123: Survey of General, Organic, and Biochemistry Andrea Leonard Fall 2012  
CMCN 170: Media and Society Philip Auter Spring 2011  
CMCN 384 Communication Theory Philip Auter Winter 2015  
EDCI 507: Writing for the Responsive Professional Toby Daspit Winter 2013  
EDCI 508: Research to Impact Student Achievement Christine Briggs Winter 2013  
EDCI 572 Current Issues in K-12 Instruction Practicum Dana Stachowiak Winter 2015  
EDCI 574 Leading Teacher Learning Micah Bruce-Davis Summer 2016  
EDFL 201: Principles of Teaching, Learning, and Growth Bertha Myers Fall 2012  
EDLD 500: Vision, Leadership, and Culture Frank Del Favero Fall 2012  
EDLD 501: Using Data to Affect Change Frank Del Favero Fall 2012  
EDLD 504: Using Research to Lead Change Mitzi Trahan Winter 2015  
EDLD 506: Assessment and Instruction for Educational Leaders Frank Del Favero Winter 2015  
EDLD 803: Qualitative Methods for Educational Leadership Mitzi Trahan Spring 2013  
ENGL 201: British Literature I Elizabeth Bobo Spring 2012  
ENGL 211: Thematic Approaches to Literature: The Art of Empathy Wilbur Bennett Summer 2014  
ENGL 211: Thematic Approaches to Literature: Sherlock Holmes, His Predecessors, and His Progeny Denise Rogers Summer 2016  
ENGL 352: English Grammar and Usage  Carol Clark Spring 2012  
ENGL 365: Technical Writing Shelly Leroy Spring 2012  
FNAN 300: Business Finance Patrick Price Fall 2012  
HIM 361: Medical Terminology Toni Cade Fall 2012  
HLTH 100: First Aid Jane O’Brien Spring 2012  
HLTH 101: CPR & Basic Life Support Elizabeth LaPointe Spring 2012  
HLTH 110: Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness Lisa LeBlanc Winter 2014  
HLTH 214: Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Wellness Elizabeth LaPointe Winter 2013  
HLTH 218: Chemical Substance Abuse Lisa LeBlanc Spring 2012  
HLTH 312: Wellness Elizabeth LaPointe   Fall 2021
HLTH 312: Wellness Adele Smith Spring 2012  
HLTH 314: Behavior Theories & Planning Models Lisa LeBlanc Winter 2014  
HLTH 320: Environmental Health Johan Adendorff Fall 2012  
HLTH 335: Clinical Experience in Health Promotion and Wellness Lisa LeBlanc Winter 2014  
HLTH 405: Nutrition for Fitness and Sports Johan Adendorff Spring 2013  
HLTH 410: World Health Issues Lisa LeBlanc Spring 2012  
HLTH 411: Women's Health Susan Lyman Winter 2013  
HLTH 412: Health and Sexuality Susan Lyman Spring 2011  
HLTH 440: Health Promotion Program Planning Lisa LeBlanc Fall 2012 Fall 2019
HLTH 451: Stress and Stress Management Johan Adendorff Fall 2012  
HLTH 452: Epidemiology Susan Lyman Winter 2013  
HLTH 459: Health and the Aging Process Lisa LeBlanc and Susan Lyman Spring 2011  
HLTH 460: Organizational Funding Strategies Lisa LeBlanc Spring 2013  
HLTH 499: Internship in HPW Lisa LeBlanc Winter 2014  
HONR 365: Topics in the Arts Margaret Kennedy-Dygas Spring 2011  
HSA 200:Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Scott Sittig Summer 2014  
HSA 201: Health Care Delivery Systems Anita Hazelwood Summer 2014  
HSA 201: Health Care Delivery Systems Robert Garrie   Spring 2022
HSA 303: Vulnerable Populations: Health Care Issues Kristy Courville Winter 2014  
HSA 400: Financial Mgmt in Health Care Organizations Rachel Ellison Summer 2016  
HSA 402: Long Term Care and Administration Rachel Ellison Winter 2015  
HSA 404: Emergency and Disaster Management Lisa Delhomme Winter 2015  
HSA 408: Health Care Policy Rachel Ellison Summer 2016  
IBUS 540: International Business Miguel Orta   Spring 2022
KNES 101: Introduction to Kinesiology Charity Bryan Spring 2012  
KNES 205: Computer Technology in Kinesiology Connie Lavergne Winter 2013  
KNES 402: Organization & Administration in Kinesiology Connie Lavergne Winter 2013  
LCHI 303: Healthcare Information Systems Kristy Courville Summer 2014  
LCHI 465: Health Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign Philip Caillouet Winter 2014  
LCHI 470: Foundations of Electronic Health Records Kristy Courville Winter 2015  
MATH 105: College Algebra Mary Lou Jumonville Spring 2012  
MATH 105: College Algebra Sharolyn Underwood Fall 2012  
MATH 250: Survey of Calculus Sharolyn Underwood Spring 2013  
MGMT 320: Management of Behavior and Organization Tamela Ferguson Spring 2013  
MGMT 333: eBusiness Ronald Cheek Fall 2012  
MGMT 340: Entrepreneurship Ronald Cheek Spring 2012  
MGMT 365: Human Resources Management Catherine Chauvin   Fall 2019
MGMT 365: Human Resources Management Tamela Ferguson Summer 2017  
MUS 300: Music Appreciation: A Survey of Styles Jonathan Kulp Spring 2011  
MUS 323: Class Piano for Non-majors Susanna Garcia Winter 2015  
MUS 360: Cajun and Zydeco Music Mark DeWitt Summer 2014  
NURS 327: Community Health Nursing with Diverse Populations Kathleen Wilson Summer 2014  
NURS 344: Nursing in a Disaster Kathleen Wilson Spring 2013  
NURS 354: Transition to Professional Nursing for RN to BSN Kathleen Wilson and June Borazjani Fall 2012  
NURS 355: Health and Physical Assessment Kathleen Wilson Winter 2014  
NURS 396: Professional Role Integration Kathleen Wilson Winter 2013  
NURS 406: Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses Kathleen Wilson Spring 2013  
NURS 421: Nursing Leadership and Management for RN to BSN Kathleen Wilson Winter 2015  
MGMT 425: International Management Ignatius Cahyanto   Fall 2021
NURS 499: RN-to-BSN Capstone Kathleen Wilson Spring 2013  
NURS 500: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice Denise Stagg Winter 2014  
NURS 502: Generating Evidence for Nursing Practice Lisa Broussard Winter 2013  
NURS 507: Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning for Advanced Practice Denise Linton Summer 2017  
NURS 509: Population-Based Primary Care Jeanne Cartier Summer 2017  
NURS 516: Health Assessment Denise Linton Spring 2011  
NURS 517: Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics Linda Lipstate Fall 2012  
NURS 518: Pathophysiology Janis Guilbeau Spring 2011  
NURS 570: Measuring Outcomes in Nursing Education Lisa Broussard Summer 2017  
NURS 582: Advanced Practice Nursing Family I Janis Guilbeau Fall 2012  
NURS 583: Advanced Practice Nursing Family II Denise Linton Fall 2012  
NURS 584: Advanced Practice Nursing Family III Janis Guilbeau Summer 2014  
NURS 800: Scholarly Foundations for Advanced Practice Donna Gauthier Winter 2014  
NURS 801: Biostatistics Jennifer Lemoine Summer 2017  
NURS 802: Epidemiology Helen Hurst Summer 2014  
NURS 803: Project Planning Deedra Harrington Winter 2014  
NURS 804: Clinical Scholarship and Analytic Methods for Evidence-Based Practice Donna Gauthier Summer 2016  
NURS 805: Preventive Care for Populations Jeanne Cartier Winter 2015  
NURS 806: Healthcare Informatics Jennifer Lemoine Winter 2014  
NURS 807: Organizational and Systems Leadership Catherine Belden Summer 2016  
NURS 808: Ethics and Health Care Policy Jennifer Lemoine Winter 2015  
POLS 387: Constitutional Law Rick Swanson Summer 2014  
PSYC 312: Adolescent Psychology T. Scott Smith Fall 2012  
QMET 352: Advanced Business Statistics Guolin Lai Summer 2017  
SOCI 310 Minority Groups Jacques Henry Summer 2016  
STAT 214: Elementary Statistics Melissa Myers Spring 2012  
STEC 510: Risk Assessment and Safety Management Systems Corinne Dupuy Summer 2017  
THEA 161: Introduction to Theater and Performing Arts Sara Birk Fall 2011  
THEA 300: Activities in Dramatics  Nathan Gabriel Fall 2012  
UNIV 200: Information Literacy Melanie Meche Spring 2012  
VIAR 120: Art Appreciation James Tancill Fall 2012  

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