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Course Review Process

Course Selection

Courses are selected for the QM Subscriber-Managed course review process based on the following priorities:

  1. Course is part of the major/program curriculum of a fully-online (or fully-hybrid) degree program.
  2. Course supports a fully-online (or fully-hybrid) degree program (such as a general education course, or an elective).
  3. Department/College request for review.
  4. Instructor request for review.
  5. Course must have been taught at least twice.

Review Teams

QM Subscriber-Managed course reviews are coordinated by the QM Coordinator or QM Course Review Manager for the university.

Course review teams include the instructor (Course Representative), Team Chair (QM Master Reviewer), Peer Reviewer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME). At least one team member must be external to the university. 

Faculty serving as a QM peer reviewer must be up-to-date on Quality Matters training.

The following "essential qualifications" will be considered when selecting reviewers:

  1. Peer Reviewer/SME: Completed Quality Matters online training (APPQMR and Peer Reviewer course).
  2. Team Chair: Completed Quality Matters online training (APPQMR, Peer Reviewer course, and Master Reviewer Course) and served as reveiwer on two official Higher Education QM-Managed or Subscriber-Managed course reviews.
  3. Current for-credit online teaching experience (within the last 18 months).

Members of review teams have access to the Quality Matters Course Review Management System (CRMS) and the cloned copy of the course in Moodle.

Review Rotations & Timeline to Certification

There are several review cycles throughout the calendar year. Once courses have been identified for a given review cycle, the following process begins; the time allotted for each step are estimates only and subject to change:

  • Course Representative completes the Course Worksheet (one week)
  • Pre-Review call for Course Representative and Team Chair (reviewers are encouraged to attend)
  • Reviewers begin simultaneous reviews (varies)
  • Post Review Call (Team Chair, Peer Reviewer, SME)
  • Course Review Manager meets with Course Representative about recommendations (one week)
  • Course Representative makes changes (4 weeks)
  • Team Chair reviews and approves changes (as needed; one week)
  • QM closes the review and provides course certification. Course certification is valid for up to 5 years.