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ProctorU is a virtual online proctoring service. All proctored tests are monitored and recorded by a live certified proctor. Instructors can leave special instructions and if any violations are detected the instructor is contacted immediately, notified of the infraction and are able to watch captured video segment.  

Students are able to schedule exam appointments with ProctorU 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. Students are responsible for the proctoring fees. Faculty should notify students of any additional costs at the beginning of the semester. Students will need to schedule exams at least 72 hours in advance to avoid a $5 late fee.

Notify the Office of Distance Learning at least 2 weeks prior to your first exam if you intend on using ProctorU, so that your course data can be imported. To request ProctorU, click the Requests for EduTools link under the EduTools menu on the left. Fill out the form and have your course information handy. You will be notified by email once the process is complete.

Faculty who use ProctorU in their course will need to access the ProctorU self-management portal to schedule course exams ( Additional ProctorU support documents are located below.

*ProctorU can be used on any desktop/laptop platform using most common web browsers, use the latest updated browser at all times (Firefox is recommended).

For technical assistance during a proctored test please call (855) 772-8678. If prompted, leave a voice message stating your name, instructor, course exam and description of the issue. In addition to calling, please also email ProctorU at:

Office of Distance learning Information:

ProctorU website info:

  1. Faculty Handout (PDF)
  2. Faculty Detailed (PDF)
  3. Student Test Taker Handout (PDF)
  4. Student video on what to expect (Video, 2:09)
  5. Student video on what to expect day of exam (Video, 1:06)
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  7. ProctorU Equipment Tester (