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VoiceThread Account Verification Process





VoiceThread is a web-based sharing and collaboration tool that allows conversations to happen asynchronously. This interactive and immersive tool can create excitement and more participation from your students. VoiceThread also brings a human presence to your online and hybrid courses by using video and audio; comments can also include text. The audio and video commentary can incorporate annotation called Doodles. VoiceThread is integrated into Moodle, providing single sign-on and staying within the Moodle environment.

As an instructor, please request the use of VoiceThread on a semester by semester basis. The column on the left, under the EduTools menu,  choose Request EduTools link. Fill out the form and have your course information handy. You will be notified by email on how to proceed. Students need not make requests as their accounts are made when the VoiceThread link the instructor provides is chosen within a course. Inform students that using Moodle is the only way to access VoiceThread content for your course.

*VoiceThread can be used on any desktop/laptop platform using most common web browsers, use the latest updated browser at all times (Firefox is recommended).

**There is also a free mobile app for Android and Apple iOS devices, this is a great option if you are away from your desk or want to shoot your VT out in the field.

See links under the Office of Distance Learning below for some informational sheets.

Office of Distance Learning information: 

Voice Thread website information links:



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