Geaux the distance with online teaching

The Office of Distance Learning keeps our faculty at the forefront of learning-oriented technology, offering professional development and training opportunities to ensure the University can offer the best learning experiences to our students, online or in the classroom.

Take Teaching Beyond Classrooms

Online learning offers everyone the opportunity to continue their education. Our Online Teacher and Course Designer certification allows our faculty to reimagine the traditional professor-student roles and take academia into the 21st century.

Office of Distance Learning

Who we are

The mission of the Instructional Support Team is to collaborate with online and hybrid faculty to design and develop innovative, high quality, and engaging learning experiences. Our goal is to place faculty and students in the best position to succeed.

What we do


The Office of Distance Learning provides a full scope of guidance and support for faculty certified to teach online and hybrid classes, including: 


If you're a student in an online degree program or online course and need assistance, the Online Student Support Team is available to answer questions and connect you with the right resources. Email or call 337-482-5555 to reach one of our team members. 

Find information on proctoring, system requirements, and more in Student Support on the Online Programs website.