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Course Readiness Checklist

This is a comprehensive list of items and activities you may attend to in getting your course ready. These are suggestions, and some may not apply to you.

For a PDF copy of this checklist that you can print, please click the following link: Course Readiness Checklist

Before Your Course Begins

  • ☐ If you have content from a prior semester, import the content into your current course.
  • ☐ Test all course hyperlinks and update broken links.
  • ☐ Set due dates for learning activities and assignments.
  • ☐ Update course calendar.
  • ☐ Confirm Moodle Gradebook Settings are accurate for course grade calculation.
  • ☐ Add an Announcements forum, if missing.
  • ☐ Add a Q&A forum
  • ☐ Confirm all text, images, videos, and audio files are accessible.
  • ☐ Add a Welcome Message (written text or video).
  • ☐ Update “Getting Started” section to include the following items:
    • ☐ Updated Course Syllabus (Moodle page template is available) with current:
      • ☐ Instructor information
      • ☐ Course Information
      • ☐ Policies
      • ☐ Student Support Resources
    • ☐ Updated Course Schedule (Moodle page template is available)
    • ☐ Online Communication Netiqutte
    • ☐ COVID-19 Policies and Procedures
    • ☐ Self-introduction forum
  • ☐ Add or update title banner for each module.
  • ☐ Ensure learning objectives are stated clearly in each module.
  • ☐ Provide clear instructions to complete each learning activity.
  • ☐ Provide assessment rubric for graded items.
  • ☐ Set test dates and passwords for any online proctored exams.
  • ☐ Ensure external resources (Word, PDF, URLs) open in a new window or new tab.
  • ☐ Update Restrict access and Activity completion settings in Moodle activities.
  • ☐ Hide or delete empty topics on the course main page.
  • ☐ Make the course visible at least one week prior to start date.

During the First Week

  • ☐ Ensure students complete the “Getting Started” section.
  • ☐ Encourage students to share background info, personal interests, and their learning goals in the self-introduction forum.
  • ☐ Communicate regularly through announcement and Q&A forums and email to build instructor presence.
  • ☐ Invite and encourage students to use virtual office hours to make appointments.
  • ☐ View participant page and contact students who have not logged in during the first week.

Throughout the Course

  • ☐ Monitor assignment submissions.
  • ☐ Contact students about missed deadlines or failure to log in regularly.
  • ☐ Communicate with students frequently to maintain instructor presence.
  • ☐ Post announcements to remind students of upcoming deadlines.
  • ☐ Check and update Group settings before group projects begin.
  • ☐ Provide opportunities for students to use online tools before a required assignment.
  • ☐ Respond to student inquiries within 24-48 hours.
  • ☐ Communicate when students should expect to receive grades and returned assignments.
  • ☐ Provide individual messages of encouragement and feedback.
  • ☐ If you will be inaccessible during the semester, provide guidance on what to do during that time.

During the Final Week

  • ☐ Post final course grades in accordance with University policy.
  • ☐ Send an email with a closing personal message to students.
  • ☐ Encourage completion of end-of-course survey.