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ULearn Course Designer

The "ULearn Certified Course Designer" distinction recognizes faculty who have completed training to develop and design their own online or hybrid course in accordance with national design standards of quality. Faculty can earn the ULearn Certified Course Designer distinction through either our Workshop Series or a Portfolio. 

Prior to enrolling in training, faculty must obtain department head approval. This endorsement confirms that the faculty member will be teaching online or hybrid courses for the university, and must be on file with the Office of Distance Learning before the faculty member can be registered.

Workshop Series

This is ideal for faculty who have never designed an online or hybrid course, or who are converting a traditional course to an electronic format, this option includes two steps.

Faculty must turn in copies of certificates of completion for all workshops in order to earn ULearn Certified Course Designer recognition.


Ideal for faculty who have completed training to teach online at another institution or through another organization, or who have designed their own online courses, the Portfolio option includes two steps.

  • Step 1: Complete the "Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)" workshop (and all subsequent refreshers).
  • Step 2: Submit an electronic portfolio which includes 1) a narrative about how you achieve learning outcomes in your course, and how you've mastered particular outcomes related to course design; 2) documentation that you completed the trainings (provide certificates of completion, letter from institution or instructor, work products generated through the training, etc.); 3) access to at least one of your online or hybrid courses.

Get Certified

Once you have identified the certification option that is right for you, please contact the Office of Distance Learning to register and get started.