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Moodle Standard Layout

UL Lafayette Instructional Designers built the Moodle Standard Layout to meet several Quality Matters standards, including accessibility. In addition, the Layout is optimized for use across devices.

Instructors can request the layout using the form below. The layout can be imported into new or existing courses, and each block can be easily edited or updated from semester to semester.

Learn more about Moodle Standard Layout features below the request form.

Some of the features of the layout include:

Welcome Message Block 

This block within the Suggested Layout gives instructors the opportunity to introduce themselves and their course to students, humanizing the course and increasing engagement. The Office of Distance Learning encourages faculty to use a welcome video here. 

  • Course Tour (SRS 1.1)
    A course tour provides instructions on how to get started in the course and where to find various course components.

Instructor Contact Information Block

The instruction information block includes basic information such as:

  • instructor name
  • title
  • photo
  • email address
  • phone number
  • virtual office hours

Announcements Forum

An Announcement forum (News forum) is included in every new Moodle course and allows instructors to post course announcements. Announcements posted to this forum will also email the students. It is not a discussion forum for students. 

Q&A Forum

The Q&A Forum within the suggested layout is a forum for students to post all general questions about the course. All participants benefit from the questions and engagement from peers as well as the instructor.

Getting Started Module

This module provides critical course information and prepares the student to learn. Typically included in the Getting Started section are:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Outline
  • Information about Learner Support resources
  • Netiquette
  • Academic Honesty Policy
  • Introduction Forum/Assignment (SRS 1.9)
    Learner introductions at the beginning of the class help to create a welcoming learning environment and a sense of community. Source: QM Rubric
  • Student instructions for EduTools
    Distance Learning has these materials readily available. Let us know which resources are relevant, and we can import them into any new or existing course. Current materials cover VoiceThread and proctoring with Examity and ProctorU.