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FLC communities comprise a facilitator, a DL Liaison, and 6-8 members. Each member is expected to participate, attend meetings, and contribute to the core deliverables of the community. The DL Liaison is a representative from the Office of Distance Learning Instructional Support Team who serves as an additional community member and resource. 

Membership Overview

  • Faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants are eligible to apply.
  • Each community is limited to eight member-role participants.
  • Applicants may choose more than one FLC of interest in the event they are not able to participate in their first choice.
  • Members will attend an FLC Orientation in the Fall semester.
  • Members are expected to meet with their community at least eight times during the academic year.
  • Members will contribute to meeting the core deliverables for the community and to disseminating their findings in the Spring semester.
  • Members will receive a $300 honorarium after participating in the FLC.