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Ideal candidates will be ULearn Certified faculty with significant experience teaching hybrid or online courses.

Meet past facilitators and learn more about their work in our Communities section.


Candidates should propose a topic with the potential to enhance the design and delivery of hybrid and online courses. 

Sample topics include: 

  • designing for accessibility,
  • adaptive learning, 
  • exploring a new technology or tool,
  • competency-based education, 
  • incorporating student research,
  • game-based learning, 
  • using portfolios,
  • open education resources, 
  • designing for cultural diversity,
  • alternative assessments, 
  • applying artificial intelligence,
  • using H5P,
  • designing for the mobile learner,
  • increasing engagement through technology, 
  • and designing effective group activities.


If selected, facilitators will:

  • Participate in a Facilitator Cohort that meets monthly to orient and support the FLC facilitators.
  • Partner with an Instructional Designer or Instructional Technologist from the Office of Distance Learning who will participate in the FLC and act as the FLC’s DL Liaison.
  • Recruit 6-8 members to participate in the FLC (in addition to the Facilitator and DL Liaison). Members may be faculty, staff, or graduate teaching assistants. Members are not limited to certified faculty. 
  • Coordinate FLC meetings throughout the year. FLCs are encouraged to meet at least monthly (with a minimum of eight meetings during the academic year).
  • Attend an in-person Orientation for all FLC members in the Fall semester.
  • Participate in a mid-year virtual review where each FLC will present an update on their activities.
  • Ensure that the FLC completes the required core deliverables:
    • Achieve the goals and deliverables identified by the FLC. These may include (but are not limited to) seminars, retreats, conference presentations, teaching projects, applications for new course designs, white papers, resource pages, webinars, Moodle resource courses, surveys, videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, infographics, grant applications, and publications.
    • Give a presentation on the FLC’s activities at the FLC Showcase in the Spring semester.
    • Disseminate results by generating content to be shared via the DL website or other relevant means.
  • Participate in an evaluation of the FLC program conducted by the Office of Distance Learning.


Faculty Facilitators will receive a $1,200 stipend to facilitate an FLC. The stipend will be paid after the project deliverables are completed.

Submit your proposal here: 

2023-2024 Facilitor Applications are closed.