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ODL 210: Beyond Design: Strategies for Online Course Delivery

Delivery: Facilitated, asynchronous

Time requirements: 6-8 hours

Duration: 7 days

For each session of this course, participants will be able to review the Getting Started Module to understand course expectations and deadlines. Participants must complete the Participant Introduction Forum within the first two days of the course. 

Once participants pass all quizzes and complete all course content, activities, and forums, they will receive a certificate of completion. The course must be completed within seven days, or participants will need to re-enroll in a future session.

Beyond planning and designing an online or hybrid course, instructors must also deliver the course to a live class. Many find that the process of teaching these courses is very different from the traditional, face-to-face technique. This facilitated, one-week course will emphasize the steps that instructors should consider during the term or semester. 

Participants will start by learning the importance of steady, reliable communication for both students and instructors. They will then examine the most recommended methods by which classroom discussions can be best facilitated in an online setting. Next, they will address what constitutes effective feedback, how to deliver this feedback reliably to students, and how rubrics can be used as a feedback tool to enable student success.

Participants will finally tour the many University support systems in place and learn how to direct students to the support they require, no matter where they are.

Participants will also take quizzes to assess their understanding of the topics covered, participate in a discussion forum, and generate a sample rubric.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance and methods of establishing and maintaining instructor-student communication in an online/hybrid course.
  • Examine best practices and technologies for facilitating effective student-student discussions in an online/hybrid course.
  • Detail the importance and methods of providing effective feedback in online/hybrid courses.
  • Utilize best practices to create a sample grading rubric.
  • Examine the available forms of student support.

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