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ODL 220: Creating Interactive Learning Content for Engaging Students

Delivery: Facilitated, asynchronous

Time requirements: 6-8 hours

Duration: 7 days

For each session of this course, participants will be able to review the Getting Started Module to understand course expectations and deadlines. Participants must complete the Participant Introduction Forum within the first two days of the course. 

Once participants pass all quizzes and complete all course content, activities, and forums, they will receive a certificate of completion. The course must be completed within seven days, or participants will need to re-enroll in a future session.

Interactivity is a key element of online course design. Incorporating interactive learning content into online learning has been proven to be a best practice that adds outstanding value to student's learning experience. As technology advances, instructors have access to an increasing number of tools that allow them to include interactivity into their online classes. In this facilitated, one-week course, participants will review the benefits of various types of interactive content and activities, discuss how to create specific types of interactive content (e.g., interactive presentations, interactive video lectures, interactive discussions, and interactive assessments), and gain some hands-on experience with creating different types of interactive content using various tools. 

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of using different types of interactive content
  • Identify different tools for creating interactive content in online courses 
  • Discuss best practices for creating interactive content 
  • Create interactive learning content using different tools

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