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ODL 110: Strategies for Engaging Learners Online

Strategies for Engaging Learners Online is a self-paced workshop facilitated by the Office of Distance Learning.

Engaging students in learning is challenging in any classroom environment but even more so in an online class. This workshop will provide an overview of the practical strategies, best practices, and tools for increasing learner interaction and engagement in online or hybrid courses.

In this workshop, each participant will explore learner engagement through three main types of interaction online, as well as strategies to create a community of inquiry to lead to greater learner involvement and engagement. Participants will also explore Moodle tools and some EduTools supported by the Office of Distance Learning for enhancing learner-instructor, learner-learner, and learner-content interactions.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of learner engagement and discuss strategies that help overcome barriers to student engagement in online courses.
  • Describe strategies and tools that can improve learner engagement.
  • Discuss best practices for facilitating learner engagement in the online context.
  • Discuss strategies for encouraging disengaged learners.
  • Identify multiple methods for monitoring learner engagement in Moodle.
  • Create interactive materials/activities using Edutools.

To participate in Strategies for Engaging Learners Online, email