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ODL 200: Learning Objectives and Alignment

Delivery: Facilitated, asynchronous

Time requirements: 6-8 hours

Duration: 7 days

For each session of this course, participants will be able to review the Getting Started Module to understand course expectations and deadlines. Participants must complete the Participant Introduction Forum within the first two days of the course. 

Once participants pass all quizzes and complete all course content, activities, and forums, they will receive a certificate of completion. The course must be completed within seven days, or participants will need to re-enroll in a future session.

According to the Quality Matters Rubric, ensuring course alignment is a foundation of effective course design. The concept of alignment emphasizes that critical course components must support and assess the learner’s achievement of clearly stated learning objectives.

In this asynchronous course, participants will learn how to write effective course and module-level learning objectives from the learner’s perspective and that match the overall level of the course according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. They will then identify how to ensure the alignment of these objectives with assessments, instructional materials, learning activities, and course technology tools.

An examination will be made of both proper alignment and misalignment, and participants will engage in a discussion forum to explore possible solutions for the latter. Participants will also take quizzes to assess their ability to identify elements of alignment. Finally, participants will create a course map to demonstrate alignment.

  • Write measurable learning objectives.
  • Apply Quality Matters alignment standards for assessment (SRS 3.1), instructional materials (SRS 4.1), learning activities (SRS 5.1), and tools (SRS 6.1).
  • Examine misalignment in course design.
  • Demonstrate course alignment with a Course Map.

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